On The Rox 30 Spline Ultimate RCV Front Axle Shafts Roxor

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Roxor RCV Axles have been tested & proven to be twice as strong as OEM axle shafts, and they’re just as tough at a straight angle as they are at extreme angles where U-joints are weakest. Roxor CV Axles also eliminate U-joint binding to allow the smooth power transfer to the ground. Big tires and big power no problem! The Roxor CV Axles are low maintenance and operate with a smoothness you can feel – whether off-road or on the street.

These axles are specifically developed for the Roxor, and allow you to use a standard Dana 44 carrier or locker. The 30 splines inner spline count will widen your compatible locker selection. The outer spline count is 10, allowing you to reuse your factory drive flange, or the Warn and Mile Marker 10 Spline hubs.

These axles will not work with the factory ring gear and carrier. A standard Dana 44 carrier and gearset will be needed.


  • Axle shafts come with a black oxide coating
  • Twice as strong as OEM axle shafts
  • Just as tough at a straight angle as they are at extreme angles
  • Eliminate U-joint binding


  • Right and left CV axle shafts
  • Outer stubs
  • SST seals
  • Installation instructions
  • Synthetic moly grease


18-20 Mahindra Roxor

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