MUC-OFF USA Silicone SC1 Shine

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Elevate your bike care routine with MUC-OFF USA Silicone Shine, the superior alternative to SC1 spray. This 11 oz aerosol not only protects but also leaves a brilliant shine on metal, plastic, and rubber parts. Its advanced silicone formula reduces friction on fork stanchions and rear shocks, ensuring smoother performance. By preventing grime buildup, it cuts down on future cleaning and maintenance, making it an essential part of your bike care arsenal.


  • Volume: 11 oz (net weight) aerosol
  • Performance: Protects and shines metal, plastic, and rubber parts
  • Friction Reduction: Enhances performance on fork stanchions and rear shocks
  • Preventive Care: Silicone formula prevents grime buildup
  • Maintenance: Reduces future cleaning and maintenance efforts
  • Advantages over SC1: Advanced protection, brilliant shine, and friction reduction for enhanced performance and ease of maintenance


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