MUC-OFF E-Bike Ultra Corrosion Defense

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Safeguard your e-bike with MUC-OFF USA Ebike Ultra Corrosion Defense. This 485ml aerosol penetrates and protects with a non-drying film that prevents rust and corrosion. It's perfect for battery terminals and casings, resisting hot, cold, and saltwater while dissolving existing rust. Use it after washing to drive out excess water, and enjoy up to 12 months of protection. Be sure to mask braking surfaces before application for optimal results.


  • Volume: 485ml aerosol
  • Performance: Penetrates and protects with a non-drying film
  • Protection: Rust prevention and anti-corrosion
  • Ideal For: Battery terminals and casings
  • Durability: Resistant to hot, cold, and salt water
  • Rust Removal: Dissolves existing rust
  • Application: Use after washing to drive out excess water
  • Longevity: Protection lasts up to 12 months
  • Safety Note: Mask braking surfaces before application


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