EBMX XLB-60 Motor Upgrade W/Skid Plate For Sur Ron LBX

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The XLB-60 says it all! Designed by EBMX riders & enthusiasts, this motor is the largest you can fit in your SurRon Light Bee without modifying the frame. The 60mm XLB-60 motor upgrade isn’t just about massive power when upgrading your controller; it's also for those who never want to worry about their motor overheating.

As an avid rider, I (Bullet) push my SurRon Light Bee to 15kW for trail and hare scramble races. But after just 15 minutes, my OEM motor overheats and forces my bike into low-power mode, leaving me without the boost I need for tough obstacles. The EBMX motor has solved this issue and allowed me to push high through demanding terrain with no issues. 

We currently pair this motor with an X9000 controller and a 22S "81V" battery on DragRon, our dedicated 1/8th mile drag bike. Even during test runs, doing pass after pass at 48kW, we have yet to overheat or experience any failures with this motor.

EBMX has done an amazing job engineering their Rotor and Stator on this IPM motor, allowing it to achieve 13,000 RPM with a 1mm air gap between the rotor and stator.

In contrast to many other competitors who utilize hall sensors, EBMX has opted to incorporate encoder sensors into there motors. This decision stems from the fact that encoder sensors demonstrate greater stability under demanding riding conditions. While hall sensors rely on estimated rotor positions, encoder sensors consistently provide precise angle measurements of the rotor’s position. Hall sensors are typically employed for tracking motor position during start-up and up to approximately 2000 rpm, after which the motor operates in a “sensorless” manner. However, during intense riding situations such as wheel spinning and sudden deceleration combined with rapid throttle adjustments, hall sensors' angle detection can result in substantial current spikes in the controller. This can pose significant issues for many controllers, leading to tripping and loss of throttle power.

Upgrade your SurRon Light Bee with the XLB-60 motor and ride with confidence, power, and reliability.

NOTE: Does not work with OEM SurRon controller.Please check your controller compatibility with the encoder sensor.  Will NOT work with OEM and most aftermarket skid plates..


  • Includes Free Skid Plate
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Massive Power capability: The largest motor you can fit without modifying your frame.
  • 35KW rated and tested, 180C rated windings with U42H magnets
  • Overheat Prevention: Never worry about your motor overheating again.
  • High RPM: Achieves 13,000 RPM with a precise 1mm air gap.
  • Smooth Throttle Response: Equipped with an encoder sensor for better modulation.
  • Proven Performance: Tested on DragRon at 48kW with no overheating or failures.
  • Compatibility: Pairs perfectly with the X9000 controller, along with "most" aftermarket controllers, Check for encoder sensor compatibility.

Sur Ron Motor Installation Video


Sur Ron Light Bee X
Sur Ron Light Bee S
Segway X160
Segway X260

Tech Specs

XLB-60 Motor (Light Bee) Specifications

  • Peak Power:
    • 35,000W
  • Voltage Range:
    • 48V – 104V
  • Max Torque:
    • 52Nm
  • Max Stable Rotor RPM:
    • 13,000RPM
  • Max Efficiency:
    • 93%
  • Motor Configuration:
    • 10 poles and 12 slots
  • Winding Type:
    • Dual Y parallel connection
  • Stator and Rotor Stack Thickness:
    • 60MM
  • Sensing Method:
    • NJDC 605 Encoder
  • KV Value:
    • 95KV
  • Rated Power:
    • Air Cooled: 13,600W (Continuous run for 28 mins), 24,000W (Continuous run for 2 min 20 seconds)
    • Water Cooled: 26,000W (Continuous run for 4 min 30 seconds)
  • Warranty:
    • 2 Years
  • Max Phase Current:
    • 900A
  • Rated Phase Current (Continuous run):
    • 500A (28Nm)
  • Motor Temperature:
    • 180°C windings
    • 140°C start limiting
    • 160°C power cut
  • Waterproofing:
    • IP67
  • Anti-corrosion:
    • Yes
  • Weight/Size:
    • Air Cooled: OD 181.5mm x L 118mm, 11.2KG
    • Water Cooled: OD 187mm x L 118mm, 12.5KG

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