Jenny is a mechanical designer engineer and part of the R&D Team at GriftShift.

Her experience riding off-road bikes comes from the passenger's seat because, according to her, she is not a skilled driver. But that doesn't stop her from concocting innovative and game-changing products for e-motos both on and off the road.

As a skilled CAD designer, Jenny has developed prototypes that have become commercial items selling in the market. She is very passionate about the process of design and manufacturing, and she enjoys traveling and visiting natural environments. Here’s her story in her own words.

Jenny GritShift

I have always liked to draw since I was little and liked the idea of creating things. When I was in college, I took CAD design classes and discovered that these softwares could combine my passion for drawing and engineering. That moment I realized I wanted to become a mechanical designer. That interest developed into a passion for CAD design and prototyping.



I like the idea of designing things that come to life – I enjoy finding solutions to manufacturing problems and applying mathematical concepts to real-life issues. I consider myself a passionate nerd when it comes to CAD design. Another cool thing about my job as a Mech designer is that everyday is a learning experience for me.

My years as a freelance Mech designer have given me the opportunity to work in many different projects and areas. Working with manufacturers, entrepreneurs and designers helps me to understand how different mechanical and commercial elements function.


When I learned about GritShift, I was very interested in their company and their mission. Now that I am part of the R&D team at GritShift, my goal is to help the company grow and develop new cool designs and projects for all parts involving e-bikes and off road motorcycles. Plus, I have come to learn about bikes so much that I’m considering learning how to ride one, despite my poor driving skills.