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E Ride Pro-S: A Rival to the Throne

Unveiled as a powerhouse on the trails next to the Sur Ron, the E Ride Pro-S emerges as a potent challenger to the Surron LBX's reign. Armed with a 6KW power output, and a dominating 72V 30ah battery, the Pro-S delivers acceleration with smooth throttle response and top-end speeds that demand respect on any terrain – all while maintaining that essential bond between rider and road.
  • High-Grade Battery for Endurance: Sporting a 72V 30AH Samsung battery, the Pro-S provides a generous range, keeping your adventure alive longer, akin to the enduring spirit of the Surron.
  • Adaptability for the Trailblazer: With a keen eye on the needs of the real dirt rider, the E Ride Pro-S boasts a suspension system ready to absorb the bumps and jumps of your rugged escapades, matching the expectations set by the Surron's reputable performance.
  • Performance Without Compromise: The E Ride Pro-S 6kw matches the Surron LBX in the promise of an electrifying ride but stands out with its own flair – And want to feel alive with a top speed of 50MPH out of the box!
  • Tech-Savvy Riding: In an ode to modernity, the Pro-S features a suite of electronic controls, finely tuned for the enthusiast who understands that a ride is not just about power – it's about control, precision, and the sweet symphony of man and machine.
The E Ride Pro-S isn’t just an alternative to the Surron LBX – it's a statement. A statement that says, while the LBX may have set the stage, the Pro-S is here to elevate it.

E Ride Pro-SS: The Apex of Electric E-Motos

The E Ride Pro-SS is not just another electric dirt bike; it's the apex predator of the trails, surpassing competitors like the Talaria Sting R with its raw power and refined engineering. Designed for those who dare to lead, the Pro-SS comes equipped with a formidable 72V 40AH battery, enabling longer, more intense rides. The seamless delivery of its 12KW peak power lets you dominate any terrain, supported by an agile 19-inch wheel setup that provides superior handling and response.
  • Monstrous Power Output: 12KW peak ensures thrilling acceleration and top speeds up to 60 MPH.
  • Extended Battery Life: 72V 40AH Samsung lithium battery offers exceptional range and endurance.
  • Rapid Charging Capability: Achieves a 20%-90% charge in just 2 hours, keeping you on the trail longer.
  • Optimized Wheel Configuration: 19-inch front and rear wheels enhance maneuverability and traction.
  • Advanced Riding Controls: Features regenerative braking and a dual-position ignition switch for accessory charging, enhancing both performance and convenience.
  • Robust Suspension System: Adjustable sport suspension tuned for high-performance off-road riding.
The E Ride Pro-SS is crafted for the enthusiast who demands the best in power, performance, and precision, making every ride an adventure to remember.
Industry leading linkage and triangle suspension design. No need to upgrade like most E-Motos on the market.
Quick swap battery pack with a larger battery compartment compared to Sur Ron or Talaria E-Motos.
Large and easy to view display, with the ability to do future software updates to your bike.
Bright LED lightbar headlight, complemented with a stylish ODI type of number plate.

GritShift Tested

Surronster Approved

What About Aftermarket Parts!?



It's confirmed EBMX is already in the works of a Plug N Play option that will be released soon. With reports of 15kw on the OEM battery!
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Chi Battery & EBMX are currently in the development stages for upgraded 72V and 80V battery configurations for E Ride Pro Bikes
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Wheel options are a popular upgrade and they are already available! Did you know E-Ride Pro & Surron wheels are actually interchangeable!
View Wheel Options


The inevitable first upgrades. Thankfully, there are plenty of upgrades available for, bars, risers, & pegs for your E Ride Pro. 
View Ergo Options


The primary drive could be a headache, But not with E Ride Pro. Our Gates GT4 belt, and 420 Primary drive fit the E Ride.
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GritShift E Ride Pro parts arsenal is your playground. This collection isn't just an assembly of parts; it's a curated selection of performance and precision, with each component meticulously chosen to enhance the rider's experience. Riders looking to personalize their E Ride Pro can choose from a wide range of high-quality components. 
Whether you're after improved grip with ProTaper Pillow Top grips, enhanced braking with Hayes Dominion A4 kits, or looking to fortify your bike's stance with Warp 9 footpegs, the selection caters to all aspects of customization. The offerings are robust, ensuring that whether you're tweaking your bike for a personal touch or gearing up for competitive edge, your E Ride Pro is covered with the best in the industry. For those seeking to elevate their ride, visit the parts catelog.

In-House Innovation: GritShift's R&D Crafted Parts for E Ride Pro

GritShift is in the lab, already gearing up for the E Ride Pro's ascent. Our R&D division is dedicated to forging parts that will not just match but set new benchmarks, propelling the E Ride Pro beyond its peers. We're deeply invested in this ride's success because we believe it has what it takes to lead the pack. Our bespoke parts are in the pipeline, ready to redefine the e-moto landscape. 

Soon To Release Products

-Primary Chain Drive: (Update* The primary chain drive is complete and available to purchase now!) We have designed a primary drive that not only works directly with E Ride Pro, but also with Sur Ron. We are currently the only ones that have done this still retaining proper sprocket alignment between both bikes. Our Primary chain drive come with a 420 O-ring chain, and the sprockets are machined from 7075 T6 Billet Aluminum to give you the lightest rotating assembly for a primary system.
-Skidplate: We are currently waiting for V5 of our skidplate from the machine shop so we can do a final fit and finish. We have spent hours extracting data from aftermarket motor companys to ensure this skidplate will fit with future motor upgrades. And we are confident to say we have achieved this. We have also put a large focus on plate angles to ensure you have minimal impact resistance. This skidplate will come with a lifetime warranty to show how confidant we are in it.
-Triangle & Linkage: We have fine tuned to linkages full range of articulation optimising the ratio change in your rear shock and beefed up the overall thickness. We also have increase the niddle bearing size for extended life and higher impact force. The triangle is the prize piece in this configuration, Due to E Rides Triangle design we where able to configure the triangle to have 3 adjustments for your e bikes rear height!
-Display Mount: As many people including us have discovered you cannot use any direct mount stems without modifying the OEM display mount, which leaves your display open to failure. We have designed this adjustable single sided display mount to work on your E Ride Pro with any stem or direct mount stem, the unique features this mount offers is a multi position adjustment, which allows you to mount the display forward middle or back and still have the screen angled directly to you.

What To Expect When You Purchase An E Ride Pro

You Just Placed Your Order

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you submit your order. Your order will be allocated to Garrett (aka Turbo). Turbo is our dedicated fulfillment team member that specifically manages all of our E-Bike shipments. He unboxes EVERY E-Moto that comes into our warehouse and inspects the bikes for any missing parts or damages, than includes a cool GritShift Keychain sticker pack and boxes it back up. This gives us the reassurance that none of our customers will have any issues with there purchase.

Preparing To Ship Your Bike

We first document the bikes serial/VIN number to your order for warranty purposes. Than we will have your bike shipped out the same day that you ordered (if ordered before 3pm), otherwise your bike will ship out the following day. We ship all bikes from our Florida location, so if you are anywhere on the east cost you can expect to have your bike in as little as 2 days! If you are located central or the west side of the USA you can expect to receive your bike between 3-6 business days. 

Your Bike Has Shipped!

Your bike is guaranteed to ship within 24 hours. So keep a close eye on your email for the tracking number, If you don't receive anything within the first 24 hours check your spam or junk folder it likely just got filtered their. We ship all bikes with insurance at no extra charge to you. The shipping carrier will contact you via phone call and than email to schedule a delivery time one day in advance before it arrives to ensure you are available to receive your bike.

You Just Received Your Bike

Now time for assembly! Easiest way to do this, is to open the box from the top and remove all of the misc parts first, then remove the big cardboard box cover. You will only need to install your Footpegs (make sure you install them in the correct direction), your front wheel, your handlebars, and front fender and mud guard. We always recommend doing a nuts and bolts check on everything as well as chain tension check before your first ride. While your assembling the bike we recommend putting the battery to charge, you should receive it with about 75% charge.

Something Broke or Failed!?

Things happen all the time we get it, If your bike has a factory defect or failure it has a 1 year warranty. Just reach out to us and we will replace your parts without any extra expense to you. We will deal with claiming the warranty with E Ride directly that way you do not have to wait for the manufacture to get back to us or you on your parts. If you had an accident that is not covered under warranty, don't worry we carry a full line of OEM replacement parts for you to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just got my bike, and it doesn't power on when I turn the key & breaker on?

The E Ride Pro Series bikes have a smart BMS for storage, if your bike does not turn on either when it has been sitting for weeks, or when you just received the bike please check on the top cap of the battery, there will be a single button to check the charge level. To activate or deactivate the BMS you will need to push and hold this button for 10-15 seconds. The battery indicator lights will cycle up or down.  

2. Does E Ride still use the Turbo button?

Yes and no. The turbo button is still there due to the switch panel being used for regen and power mode selector, but the turbo button does nothing. Sport mode will give you the full power of the bike at all times. The turbo button does nothing and will likely be repurposed for something else in the future.

3. How does the E Ride Pro S compare to the Surron?

The Pro S is similar in power to the Surron Lightbee X. But the Pro S still has the upper hand due to the E Rides 72V battery, better motor, and suspension. The price point of a Pro S is more appealing compared to the Sur Ron LBX as well. The only disadvantage is the Pro S comes with 17" front and rear wheels, however if you plan of using the Pro S for street riding its actually better for street tire options. But for off-road it would be better to have increased wheel size like the Surron lbx. The Pro SS is on another level and would not be a fair comparison to Surron or Talaria.

4. What is the E Ride Pro 2.0 version?

The E Ride Pro 2.0 version is currently only relevant to the Pro SS, however the Pro S will likely have its refresh as well. The 2.0 version consist of a higher IP rated controller (IP67). The controller has been retuned to allow sport mode to have its full power (eliminating function of turbo button). The Forks also come with a heavier rated spring 45lb. E Ride has also reconfigured the secondary gear ratio to eliminate the chain contact on swingarm that was causing the clacking noise, The top speed is still 60MPH

5. Do the E Ride Pro bikes come with a warranty?

Yes, all E Ride Pro bikes comes with a 1 year warranty or 2,000 mile warranty (whichever comes first). For your warranty to be validate, your bike must be purchased from an authorized dealer. To submit a warranty claim you must reach out to the dealer you purchased from to file the warranty claim. 

6. What's covered under warranty for E Ride Pro?

Replacements for any defects in materials or workmanship you might encounter during the warranty period. This covers several key components including the frame, motor, and battery among others, at no extra cost to you.

 What’s Not Covered:
- Normal Wear and Tear: The warranty doesn’t cover the usual wear and tear or damages from accidents, misuse, neglect, lack of maintenance, or modifications not approved by us.
- Battery Life: While battery capacity naturally decreases over time, we only cover issues if the battery capacity falls below 70% of its original capacity during the warranty period.
- Consumables: Expected wear items like tires, brake pads, and suspension parts aren’t included in the warranty.
- Third-Party Accessories: We can’t cover any non-original accessories or parts not directly supplied by us.

7. Are aftermarket/performance parts for E Ride Pro available?

Yes, GritShift is in the development of many different parts. Soon to be on the shelves are adjustable linkage and triangle, stainless steel swingarm bolt, skidplate, aluminum display relocation bracket, and much more. Ebmx, and Chi battery are currently in the works with upgraded batteries and controllers. Most of the standard upgrades are already available for the E Ride Pro Bikes.

8. Do E Ride bikes have a speed restriction?

Yes, all of the current and new E Rides will have a governed speed limit. But this is an easy fix. You just need to unplug one wire as shown in our YouTube video to derestrict your bike.
-Video Here

9. How does the E Ride Pro-SS stand out from its competitors?

The E Ride Pro-SS stands out with its 12KW peak power, a 72V battery system, and quick charging capabilities. Its performance-oriented design is built to surpass rivals like the Talaria Sting R, which is no match for the Pro SS.

10. Can the batteries of the E Ride Pro bikes be swapped?

Yes, the E Ride Pro bikes feature a swappable battery system that allows for easy battery exchanges, minimizing downtime during your adventures.

11. How long does it take to charge the E Ride Pro-SS battery?

The E Ride Pro-SS can charge from 20% to 90% in just 2 hours, ensuring you spend more time on the trails and less time waiting.