EBMX Talaria Sting V2 X9000 Controller

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The V2 X-9000 Power Kit is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation for your Talaria Sting, delivering unmatched power, control, and customization to enhance your riding experience. This controller kit is engineered to maximize your ride's power and efficiency. Whether you're aiming to perfect a wheelie, conquer rugged terrains, or enjoy a serene ride through trails, the X-9000 is your ultimate upgrade for a thrilling e-moto experience.

This is the perfect controller for riders using a stock Talaria Sting motor or battery as well as the hardcore enthusiast who wants an 81V battery configuration with the largest motor possible. The X-9000 allows for significant improvements in power, offering a range from 6KW to a maximum of 40KW. Its true strength lies in its exceptional tunability; you can finely adjust the torque delivery and throttle curve to suit your riding style.

Leveraging VESC software, known for its ultra-smooth throttle response, the X-9000 integrates EBMX’s custom programming enhancements to deliver the best riding experience possible. Whether you're maintaining your bike's original setup or aiming for peak performance, the X-9000 offers a versatile and powerful upgrade for your Talaria Sting.

The team here at GritShift currently has this controller equipped on Rustys E Ride Pro Drag bike which is currently the fastest E-Moto in the world (Draggy Verified). And on Bullets Ultra Bee used for the FTR Harescramble races. We love this controller and know you will too!

-If you are using an OEM Talaria motor you can safely run 12KW of power. We have been running 14KW on an OEM MX3 motor with 72V for over 1 year! 
 -If you are using a stock Talaria battery you can safely run 8.5kw of power on MX3 models, and 11kw with the MX4 model (non-bypassed). Anything higher will result in unsafe voltage sage.


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free App (Apple & Android) For "Easy" Tuning & Controller Updates
  • 100% Plug N Play (Comes with all hardware and wire harness)
  • Voltage Range 48V - 84V (22s Max Connot Exceed 100 volts)
  • Max Battery Line Current 500A
  • Max Continuous Phase Current 1000A (1600A Burst Phase Amps)
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • DC/DC Converter with 4 (Programmable Through EBMX App) 12v outputs for running a coolant pump, headlights, and other 12v accessories
  • Adjustable Speed Limiters Per Ride Mode
  • Handlebar Display (EggRider "SW102") W/Custom Firmware To Display Motor/Controller Temps, Along with all standard display features.
  • Regen Thumb Throttle


Installation Video

Phone App Overview


Bike Fitment
-Talaria Sting MX3
-Talaria Sting MX4 / R

Motor Compatibility
-OEM Talaria Sting MX3
-OEM Talaria Sting MX4 / R
-KO F Spec
-Sotion FW01

Motors Not Compatible (Currently In Testing For App Development)
-ME1803 Water Cooled
-QS Braaap Moto E Hub Motor

Tech Specs

EBMX X-9000 Specifications

  • Rated Power 
    • 40KW Continuous
  • Input Voltage Range 
    • 40V - 100V
  • Working Voltage Range
    • 48V - 93V (22s)
  • Phase Amps
    • 1000 Amp Continuous
    • 1500 Amp Burst (1600 Amp In Race Mode)
  • Max Efficiency
    • >95%
  • Max Battery line Current
    • 500 Amps
  • Motor Control Protocal
    • Field Oriented Control
  • Controller Internals
    • 30 High Efficiency Mosfets
    • Robust Industry Leading CNC Machined Terminals & Connections
    • 12 DC/DC Converter With 4 Programable Outputs Via App
    • CANBUS module 
  • Firmware
    • VESC Based Motor Control & Firmware Modified by EBMX to best suit each model E-Moto Individually
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • -25 to 80 Degrees Celsius
  • Waterproof Rating
    • IP67

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