Electro & Co 4 Piston Hydraulic Brake Kit

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Take your Razor build to the next level by stepping your brake game up one extra notch above the rest with the 4 piston brake kit. 4 Pistons means larger pad to rotor contact patch, better clamping pressure and better heat dissipation. 

With the high power and speeds achievable with the ultimate kits, stopping power is incredibly important. This 4 Piston Hydraulic Brake Kit is 100% bolt on ready, and is the easiest way to level up your build... and it's safety!

Brake Rotors, caliper mounts and all necesarry hardware are included with the kit.


  • Increased stopping power and brake consistency
  • Recommended for any bike with 72v powertrain upgrade
  • Front and rear included 
  • 4 piston hydraulic brake upgrade



MotoTec Pro 1000w
MotoTec Pro 1500w
MotoTec Pro 1600w

Apollo RXF Rocket 1000w
Apollo RXF Rocket 1300w

FunBikes MXR 1000w
FunBikes MXR 1300w
FunBikes MXR 1500w



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