Warp 9 Subframe Riser + Battery Spacer for Sur Ron LBX, Segway X160 & X260

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If there’s one drawback about our e-bikes, it’s that they are all on the small side. If you’re a taller rider feeling cramped on your Sur Ron LBX, Segway X160, or Segway X260, look no further than this seat riser kit that raises your seat up by 2.5" and moves it back by 1.5". Our team members who are taller than 5'8" have found that having a seat riser not only increases comfort, but the improved posture and altered center of gravity combine to give you better handling to boot.

There are other benefits, too. If you ever want to run a more aggressive rear tire, you will have more space so it doesn't bottom out and touch the seat during deep suspension travel. This kit also includes a battery lid spacer, giving you room to upgrade to a physically larger battery in the future, and the spacer also covers the lid latch to keep mud and dirt out of the latching system. The right-side bracket has threaded holes to mount a tire pump, and the left-side upper bracket has a notch to hold the wiring out of the way of the battery. It’s a really well-thought-out kit from a trusted name in motorsports – it’s an essential upgrade for any taller rider.

This kit even includes all installation hardware and all tools needed to complete the job. Shoot, they even throw in some blue thread locker to apply during assembly. Now you’re fresh out of excuses, aren’t you?

  • Get comfy with this Warp 9 Seat Riser for Sur Ron and Segway e-bikes
  • Raises seat height by 2.5" and moves seat back by 1.5" for improved rider ergonomics and comfort
  • Essential for riders taller than 5'8" looking to pile on the miles without feeling cramped
  • Allows more space for rear tire upgrade and physically larger batteries
  • Left-side bracket has a machined tab for keeping wires away from the battery
  • Right-side bracket is machined with threaded holes for mounting a tire pump
  • Includes plastic battery lid spacer with latch cover to keep mud and dirt out of the latching system
  • Includes all installation hardware, all tools needed for installation, and blue thread locker


Vehicle Fitment

Vehicle Fitment

  • Sur Ron LBX
  • Segway X160
  • Segway X260

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