GritShift at TKO

Turning your hobby into your full-time job is the ultimate goal for any enthusiast. In the case of Josh, Brandon, and the GritShift team of certified off-road addicts, GritShift is not work; it is a passion project shared with millions of other off-road fans all over the world. If you are one of those people who thinks that fun starts where the pavement ends, you are in the right place.

But, don’t think that this is just another off-road shop, far from it. GritShift is a highly specialized and precisely dedicated place for real extreme dirt junkies, guys, and gals who are looking to spend every single minute of their free time muddy, happy, and off-road. This project originated from Dirt Legal, our sister company, which is dedicated to legalizing off-road vehicles. When they realized that quality parts for dirt bikes and UTVs are very hard to come by, GritShift was born.

GritShift fabrication

Here you will find all the parts you need to turn your Sur Ron, E-Bike, or Roxor into an immensely capable and fun all-terrain beast. We are incredibly proud of our Sur Ron parts line, components, and accessories, making GritShift a unique place in the community. However, we can't forget to mention our unique selection of components for the Roxor which have been personally used and tested by our crew.

The GritShift concept is based on an enthusiast-to-enthusiast approach, backed by knowledge, passion, and dedication. It is a rare place where you can prepare for your next adventure, learn more about the sport, and meet like-minded people who are into off-road and on-road shenanigans just like you.