On The Rox 2.5” Shackle Reversal Leveling Kit Roxor

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This Shackle Reversal will level the front of your Roxor. One other main benefit of our shackle reversal is that it allows the tire to move back more easily when you approach a bump or an obstacle, thus- smoothing out the ride.

Our Shackle Reversal puts the fixed end of the spring at the front, this will make the tire/axle move towards the rear upon compression instead of forwards with the factory setup. This is very desirable for handling reasons. It also helps to reduce bump steer.

We recommend pairing our ROXOR shackle reversal kit with a set of Monroe OE Spectrum Shocks.

Does not work with Receiver Hitch Front Bumper.


  • Level the front of your Roxor
  • Provides a smoother ride
  • Improved handling
  • Reduced bump steer


  • Brake line extensions
  • Shackles
  • All Mounting Hardware


18-22 Mahindra Roxor

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