MoniMoto GPS Tracker 5G LTE M7

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A compact, stand-alone device, the Monimoto GPS Tracker is powered by two single-use, long-life batteries that can be easily installed and switched from one bike to another when needed. When movement is detected or the paired key fob isn't nearby, the device calls your phone in under a minute, providing GPS coordinates and previous locations in an event log. CellLocate® technology from U-Blox allows the bike to be tracked when taken indoors or if there's no GPS available in the area, by using surrounding GSM towers.

  • Includes releasable plastic zip ties for easy attachment to motorcycle frame or secure part
  • Doesn't affect the vehicle's warranty
  • Monimoto app allows you to see your motorcycle's location if it has been moved and your paired Key Fob was not around. You’ll also get a daily location update
  • An easy 10-minute setup via iOS or Android app and your bike’s secured
  • Wireless tech means you can hide it where thieves won’t find it. They won’t even know you’re tracking them


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