Electro & Co EMX 28KW Kit - QS138 70h V3

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GritShift's RM-E  project was looking for a reliable and easy to install drivetrain with performance in mind. Something that anybody with limited skillset could recreate for the cost of a stock Sur Ron. This was the key to the project. A complete drivetrain system pre tuned and prewired with everything you need to convert any old steel frame into an electric powered beast.  Take the guess work out of your conversion. Drivetrain is checked off with this all inclusive kit, the only things needed now are to purchase or fabricate mounting brackets and pick out a battery.  

This is E&C's Newest Motor & Controller Kit! Utilizing everything great about the QS138 70h model and making it that much cooler! This Motor is the Most compact and powerful motor on the market that includes a built in gear reduction. This will allow for direct drive applications on larger wheel powersport vehicles with out the need for an oversized rear sprocket. This kit is PERFECT for Mid or Full size Motocross Conversions and is specifically tuned and designed to work as such.

Take a look at the all new EM-260 Controller that brings the power up to a astonishing 28Kw! This Combo is ideal for Competitive large wheel motorcycles that require massive power to nab a spot on the podium.

These kits come pre wired and pre tuned for powersports applications with a specialty in competition motocross. You will save years on your life not stressing about the details of wiring and tuning your setup that would not come with proper instructions or documentation with overseas products. Just plug in an E&C kit, apply power and go! We build you a custom braided harness complete with Waterproof connectors, Switches, Throttle & Controller that is pre-tuned with this proven EMX setup.

  • Light weight and small dimension compared to other motors of similar power outputs
  • V configured rotor design allows for higher RPM with flux weakening
  • High Torque suitable for high-performance high load situations such as climbing and racing
  • No setup required with Electro & Companies tried and true plug and play service
  • Internal gear reduction on the motor to run direct drive to your wheel with-out the need for an oversized sprocket
  • Handlebar Mounted Volt Meter
  • EM-260sp controller capable of 28kw in 72v applications


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