Electro & Co EMX 12Amp Charger

🚚 Ships within 3-4 Weeks

🚚 Ships within 3-4 Weeks

Electro & CoSKU: EMX12A76V

Voltage: 76V
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Product Info

This 12a charger is a staple at E&C! Serving as our EMX's standard charger option as well as an upgrade for many other batteries! This charger has adjustable amperage via the front dial from 1-12 amps (10 continuous). It features an automatic voltage taper, automatic shut-off, and short circuit protection.

  • Available in 72v-76V applications
  • Adjustable charging amperage for a slow trickle to a 12 amp quick charge
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Automatic Shut off at max charge
  • Automatic voltage taper for the last 10% of battery charge to achieve optimal balancing
  • Comes with XT90 Charging connector 


Universal Fitment

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