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Quick and easy power. Assembled in-house by GritShift, this Boost Valve Kit for the Mahindra Roxor is a simple way to get more power and responsiveness out of your Roxor’s turbocharger.

More air means more boost, and more boost means higher power, less smoke, and lower EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures). Your Roxor will run smoother, stronger, and more efficiently with the turbo spooling faster and making more power across the board. We’ve seen nearly double the boost pressure with this kit – up to 17 lbs of boost instead of the stock 9 lbs.

We highly recommend this as an add-on to any high hp ECU tune, especially the MAX Power ECU tune with power gains in excess of 120%.

Installation is easy. The boost valve installs between the turbo housing and the wastegate. All hardware and lines are included. Boost figures may vary and are highly dependent on altitude and static air pressure. 


  • Potential boost increase of 8 psi
  • Recommended with any aftermarket tune
  • Less exhaust smoke
  • Lower EGT Temp's


  • Anodized boost valve
  • 3/16” red silicone vacuum hose (SAE/TMC certified)
  • 4 x ¼” (11mm) steel hose clamps


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2018-2020 Mahindra Roxor


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