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NOTE: For the step-by-step shipping/tuning process please click the (How It Works) tab. 

The Mahindra Roxor’s 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine produces 63 hp and 144 lb-ft of torque at the crankshaft. On the dyno, that translates to about 52 hp and 119 lb-ft at the wheels. That’s good enough for hauling bricks at the Jobsite, but if you want to roast tires and throw some serious mods on your Roxor, you’re going to need a serious ECU tune to back it up. We are able to offer Immediate turnaround tuned and mailed back the same day received on these tunes – no need to wait weeks to get back on the road.

All Out Tune
80WHP - 170FTLBS
Perfect for your completely Stock Roxor.

The All Out Tune will take your Roxor to 80 HP and 170 lb-ft at the wheels. That’s 54% more horsepower and 43% more torque.

Max Power Tune
115WHP - 250FTLBS
Must have Boost Increase Valve and Full Exhaust. We also suggest having an intake reinforcement bracket, to prevent future boost leaks. 

The Max Power Tune will take your Roxor to a massive 115 HP and 250 lb-ft of torque. That’s 121% more horsepower and 110% more torque! The 115RWHP tune tests 1530 deg manifold temp under sustained high load when used in conjunction with our boost increase valve for a maximum boost of 17psi.

Variable Tune
80WHP - 115+WHP
Adjust the power up or down with just the turn of a dial, store up to 5 custom tune files.

The Variable Tuning will give you access to five different tune options to switch to on the fly! You will be provided with a 5 position rotary dial switch to change your power level. That means you can adjust the power up or down with just the turn of a dial. View the 5 selectable tune options to choose from below.

  • Tune 1: 52rwp

  • Tune 2: 65rwhp

  • Tune 3: 80rwhp

  • Tune 4: 105rwhp

  • Tune 5: 115rwhp

  • 54 to 121% more horsepower
  • 43 to 110% more torque
  • The speed limiter is removed
  • The top speed can easily exceed 80 MPH!

You must remove the ECU from your Roxor and send it to us. Removal and installation of the ECU are not difficult or dangerous to your vehicle. Once we receive your ECU, we will immediately flash and tune your ECU.

All tuning and calibration work is performed by Calibrated Power Solutions, a tuner with over 10 years of experience in performance diesel calibration. Their focus is on smooth power delivery, minimal smoke output, and maximum efficiency. This approach to ECU tuning maximizes hard part reliability, gets you the best fuel efficiency, and keeps things looking normal on the outside – just a whole lot faster!

Your ECU will be tuned & mailed as soon as we receive it. Mailing usually takes 5-7 business days. Exact horsepower and torque figures may vary due to static pressure and altitude.

How It Works

1. Select and purchase your desired tune.

2. Remove ECU from the vehicle.

3. Write your GritShift order number (GSXXXX) on the front and back of the ECU with a permanent marker.

4. Ship your ECU to the address below. The ECU will be shipped back via UPS standard ground.

Shipping Address:
GritShift Tuning
455 Borden St. 
Woodstock IL 60098

5. All ECU's are tuned within 1-2 business days. We will update you with the return tracking once it is available.

6. Once you receive your ECU you will just need to install it back into the vehicle and then you are ready to ride!!

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18-20 Mahindra Roxor

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