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NOTE: For the step-by-step shipping/tuning process please click the (How It Works) tab. 

GritShift Partnered with CPS Tuning to offer our personal favorite tuning calibration! Our custom tune for the Mahindra Roxor provides a significant improvement over the factory tuning. Gains from 20hp to over 50hp increase from stock can be realized, as well as raising the Vehicle Speed limit to 120mph! We are one of the few tuners you will find that can program your ECU without cutting it open and breaking the factory seal. We have pursued this solution because we have seen firsthand, that cutting an ECU open leads to water and corrosion damage.

Performance Tune
75WHP - 162FTLBS
Perfect for your completely Stock Roxor.

This is our basic ECU calibration which increases the engine torque limiters and raises the fuel quantity higher in the rpm range to produce 75hp and 162 ft-lbs at the wheels. This tune works great on a completely stock Roxor with factory tires or slightly larger tires and produces little to no smoke.

Hot Tune
105WHP - 220FTLBS
FREE Boost Increase Valve W/Hot Tune
The Hot Tune will require a Full Exhaust System to maintain lower EGT Temps

This option maxes out the factory fuel system. A boost valve is needed to increase the amount of air required to create proper fueling tables.  It makes 105hp and 220 ft-lbs but produces high intake air temps and higher EGT's than desired with the factory turbo system. This tune is only for highly modded Roxor's with airflow improvements.


  • 54 to 121% more horsepower
  • 43 to 110% more torque
  • The speed limiter is removed
  • The top speed can easily exceed 80 MPH!

You must remove the ECU from your Roxor and send it to us. Removal and installation of the ECU are not difficult or dangerous to your vehicle. Once we receive your ECU, we will immediately flash and tune your ECU.

All tuning and calibration work is performed by Calibrated Power Solutions, a tuner with over 10 years of experience in performance diesel calibration. Their focus is on smooth power delivery, minimal smoke output, and maximum efficiency. This approach to ECU tuning maximizes hard part reliability, gets you the best fuel efficiency, and keeps things looking normal on the outside – just a whole lot faster!

Your ECU will be tuned & mailed as soon as we receive it. Mailing usually takes 5-7 business days. Exact horsepower and torque figures may vary due to static pressure and altitude.

How It Works

1. Select and purchase your desired tune.

2. Remove ECU from the vehicle.

3. Write your GritShift order number (GSXXXX) on the front and back of the ECU with a permanent marker.

4. Ship your ECU to the address below. The ECU will be shipped back via UPS standard ground.

Shipping Address:
GritShift Tuning
455 Borden St. 
Woodstock IL 60098

5. All ECU's are tuned within 1-2 business days. We will update you with the return tracking once it is available.

6. Once you receive your ECU you will just need to install it back into the vehicle and then you are ready to ride!!

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18-20 Mahindra Roxor


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