Warp 9 Warp Drive Primary Chain Conversion

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Introducing Warp 9's innovative solution for those tired of constantly breaking Sur Ron Drive Belts—the Light Bee Chain Drive Conversion Kit.

With the advanced design, both the Motor and Jackshaft Sprockets feature Vulcanized Rubber Dampener rings. This unique feature ensures that the inner plates of the Chain make contact with the rubber outer rings before the chain rollers fully engage with the bottom of the sprocket. Not only does this prevent belt breakage, but it also reduces the ringing effect typically associated with steel sprockets, thanks to the damping properties of the rubber rings. Say goodbye to belt troubles and enjoy a smoother, more reliable ride with Warp 9's Chain Drive Conversion Kit.


  • Includes 2 dampened sprockets in EDM coated black steel
  • Final drive ratio is the same as OEM belt drive
  • Includes a KMC 420 O ring chain ( 42 links with master clip)
  • While louder than a belt drive this kit is 10-15 decibels quieter than other aftermarket 420 chain drive kits on the market.


Sur Ron LBX

Segway X260

Segway X169

E Ride Pro S 

E Ride Pro SS

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