GritShift Air Ram Snorkel System Roxor

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This Snorkel system was designed to work with the following windshield configurations: ON The ROX Windshield Frame, ON The Rox Folding Windshield Frame, Lexan Windshields, and the Hardcabs kit. (Drilling into hard cab kit is required) Other windshield kits may or may not require modification for proper fitment.

Off-Road Snorkel. Enhance the off-road performance of your Roxor by installing a Snorkel from GritShift. This Snorkel will relocate your Roxor's air intake from the low and vulnerable position under the hood to a higher, safer location above the windshield. You'll have access to cooler, denser air to create more power without the fear of hydro-locking your engine when crossing rivers or mudding.

Durable Construction. Manufactured from polyethylene, this Dirt Legal Snorkel can handle the bumps and abuse of daily and off-road driving. polyethylene is an extremely strong material known for its lightweight and superior durability - making it ideal for use on the Mahindra Roxor.

Cutting Required for Installation. Installation of this Dirt Legal Snorkel is relatively straightforward. However, it should be noted that cutting a hole in your Roxors passenger-side upper fender will be required for installation. Cutting templates guide, instructions, and installation hardware are all included.

NOTE: This may not work on the 2022 model Roxor, if you have test fitted it to a 2022 Roxor please let us know so we can update our site, as we do not have access to the 2022 model at this time.


  • Reduce fear of hydro locking your engine
  • Let your Roxor Breathe in cooler, more dense air
  • Gain the ability to take your Roxor through the water you wouldn't have attempted before
  • Installation instructions included
  • 1 Snorkel Body & Head
  • 2 Upper Bracket
  • Drill Template Guide
  • 3 Hose Clamp
  • 1 Flex Hose
  • 1 Silicone Coupler
  • Hardware


‏‏‎18-20 Mahindra Roxor

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