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Domino has ruled the market for a while with the best electric twist throttle. This right side full twist throttle has a stiffer twisting mechanism with a shorter range of motion than other electric twist throttles on the market, which tend to have an overly long range of motion with little to no resistance in the twist. With less range of motion it is easier on your hand and wrist, and you are more stable because your hand is always closer to the natural grip position, not having to regrip and you full throttle, over extend your wrist, posturing awkwardly… not to mention losing a degree of stability while doing so. With the higher resistance in the twisting mechanism, there is ample force to steady against at any certain degree of rotation enabling you to modulate the level of throttle being applied much easier, and with higher precision. It looks, feels, and performs better than other throttles, it’s hard to argue with anything but the price on these. Hands down the go to for most DIY Higher power E-Bike or E-Moto builders.

The Italian made Domino twist throttle is high quality with a five wire output and a built in micro switch (use is optional) for added safety. The potentiometer can be configured in a 2 or 3 wire mode outputting either 0-5k or 5k-0 ohm.


  • Not intended for use with stock controller, will need tuned to correctly work with BAC or other aftermarket controller. 
  • Five wire output ( 3 wires for throttle, 2 wires for optional microswitch)Includes microswitch (wiring/use of this is optional)
  • Microswitch connections require compatible controller functions but can be used for various functions such as automatic brake/regen when let off throttle, or automatic brake lights, etc.
  • Comes with matching 5″ grip for left side
  • Fits 7/8″ handle bars
  • 40″ wire
  • Max potentiometer voltage 40V, max microswitch voltage 24V
  • Can replace BBS or TSDZ2 throttles etc., but primarily the throttle of choice for high power builds
  • The Highest Quality Twist Throttle for E-Bikes on the market, by far


Universal Fitment 


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