Magura 167 Left Master Cylinder

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🚚 Ships within 1-2 Business Days

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Piston Size: 9.5
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Product Info

Introducing the Magura 167 Model Master Cylinder - your perfect solution for E-moto bikes seeking to add a rear handbrake or adapt a handbrake system to a motorcycle-style caliper. These Master cylinders are designed in the style of KTM OE clutch master cylinders but have been optimized to deliver an excellent ratio for most moto-style calipers using DOT fluid, ensuring a smooth and efficient rear brake performance.

Enjoy the benefits of its compact design and user-friendly adjusters, elevating your bike's aesthetics to that of a factory-equipped model. The Straight M10x1.0 fitting also plays a crucial role in keeping your lines tidy and out of harm's way, reducing the risk of potential damage during an unforeseen crash.

You have the freedom to choose between the 10.5mm Piston option, ideal for riders who prefer a firmer brake pull, or the 9.5mm piston, perfect for those seeking an easier brake pull and enhanced control.

Crafted from a single piece of durable aluminum, the Magura 167 Model Master Cylinder boasts both hydraulic brake and clutch control, delivering reliability and performance. The reservoir ensures a steady supply of brake fluid, while the forged and break-optimized alloy lever blade guarantees a responsive and comfortable grip. With improved reach adjust and easy installation using a folding clamp, this master cylinder is designed to make your riding experience seamless.

Even during extreme off-road adventures, the compact construction prevents collisions and unwanted hindrances. Additionally, the rubber cap effectively shields the cylinder and lever blade pivot against harsh elements, ensuring its longevity and dependability. Enhance your E-moto bike with the Magura 167 Model Master Cylinder and unlock the full potential of your braking system.

  • Compatible with DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 Brake Fluids
  • Optimal Brake Ratio: The Magura 167 Model Master Cylinder is engineered to deliver an ideal ratio for most moto-style calipers, ensuring smooth and efficient rear brake performance
  • Compact and Stylish Design: With its compact design and factory-equipped styling, this master cylinder enhances the overall appearance of your bike while maintaining a clutter-free look
  • Versatile Piston Options: Choose between the 10.5mm piston for a harder brake pull or the 9.5mm piston for an easier pull and improved control, catering to various rider preferences
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from one piece of high-quality aluminum, this master cylinder boasts durability and reliability, ensuring it stands up to the demands of rigorous riding
  • Weather Protection: The rubber cap protects the cylinder and lever blade pivot against the elements, ensuring longevity and consistent performance even in challenging weather conditions or extreme off-road adventures


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