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The must needed upgrade for the Sur Ron UB, these upgraded forks have undergone internal enhancements, including the integration of robust one-piece 26lb springs and enhanced hydraulic damping.

The enhanced KKE Performance Ultra Bee fork Kit offers a significant improvement in responsiveness compared to the standard OEM forks found on the Surron Ultra Bee. The outcome is remarkably impressive, especially considering the affordability.

While the original OEM forks suffice for trail riding, this upgraded iteration feels tailor-made for adult riders seeking increased durability and performance, particularly those with a more aggressive riding style. Users will experience enhanced control, reduced instances of bottoming out, and diminished arm fatigue.

  • Stiffer one piece 26lb Springs
  • Improved hydraulic dampening tune by KKE
  • Includes 2 complete fork tubes (Fits OEM triple clamps, and all OEM accessories)


Sur Ron Ultra Bee

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