GritShift Wall Mount Charger Bracket

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Know that feeling when you can’t find your charger? It’s the worst. And tripping over a pile of cords in your garage is no picnic, either. Enter the GritShift Wall Mount Charger Bracket. Designed to fit select Sur Ron and Segway e-bike chargers, this neat bracket makes it simple to hang your e-bike’s charger on your garage wall.

Why is it important to store your charger on the wall? Some bike owners put their charger on the floor, but this presents a few problems. Not only could you misplace or trip over your charger, but flooding and other unexpected conditions could damage it. You could also drive over the charger by accident – ask us how we know. A lot of people try to balance the charger on the seat while the bike is charging, but it can easily fall off and hit the floor hard.

The GritShift Wall Mount Charger Bracket presents a simple solution to all of these problems. When your charger storage is as reliable as your bike, you’ll never have to unravel your charger cord from other tools again.

Installing the GritShift Wall Mount Charger Bracket is simple. The bracket has a two-bolt design allowing it to be mounted to almost any wall surface. You could even attach it to the side of your garage shelving or other existing storage. Preferable installation involves driving 2.5” drywall screws into a stud.

One thing is for certain: When you have a GritShift Wall Mount Charger Bracket installed in your garage, you can neatly store away your e-bike charger so you never trip over it or lose it again.

Note: Ensure screws are completely flush with the surface of the mount upon installation, otherwise they could scratch your charger. This is for the standard speed charger.


  • Compatible with OEM Sur Ron LBX and Segway X260 chargers (not quick chargers with orange cords)
  • Allows you to organize the charging area for your e-bike
  • Mounts quickly with just two screws – attach to walls, shelves, you name it
  • Made of durable PLA to withstand garage temperatures, damp conditions, and long-term use


Vehicle Fitment

  • Sur Ron LBX
  • Segway X260

The GritShift Wall Mount Charger Bracket is known and tested to be compatible with OEM Sur Ron and Segway standard speed chargers. This will not work with fast chargers (with orange cord) or aftermarket chargers. Please verify compatibility before purchasing.

3D Print Files

Want to 3D print this mount yourself? Click here to download the CAD file: Sur Ron Wall Mount Charger.stl


Designed by kamdenburke on Thingiverse

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