GritShift Variable charger

🚚 Ships within 1-2 Business Days

🚚 Ships within 1-2 Business Days

🚚 Ships within 1-2 Business Days

🚚 Ships within 1-2 Business Days

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Voltage: 60V
Plug: Talaria OEM
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Product Info

Need a Battery charger for your stock or aftermarket talaria, or Sur Ron battery? Yea we feel that too. When we began selling batteries and purchasing different branded batteries for our bikes, we quickly came to realize, aftermarket batteries have no standard pin outs or plug style. We quickly ended up with several battery chargers that would only work on specific batteries, and that clutter was frustrating, and annoying. Not to mention a waste of money buying a charger for each battery.

GritShift is launching a solution to this mess. The GritShift battery chargers are variable chargers from 2amp-9amp, with pig tails pre-pinned for several unique battery plugs. Saving you time money and efficiency while only needing to purchase one charger for all of your needs.

Each battery charger will be prewired to an XT60 connector, as well as included a pigtail prewired for your desired battery application.

  • 2-9amp variable charge speed
  • Active cooling fan
  • Pre-pinned Pigtails for specific battery plugs and brands
  • Available in 60v and 72v configurations
  • Short Circuit, over voltage and over current protected charger
  • LED light to indicate charge status similar to OEM Sur Ron/Talaria Chargers
  • Over Temperature protection will stop charger if internal temperature of 85 degrees is reached and will restart once temperature drops below 75 degrees


Sur Ron LBX

Segway X260

Segway X160

Talaria Sting

Note: This Part is typically compatible with Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria. Please verify with your bike, as each bike has been offered with different parts in regards to forks, controllers, batteries, and options from various sellers.

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