GritShift Slender Headlight Kill Switch

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We are announcing a special incentive till stock runs out! We ordered a batch of new switch's that were not up to our standards, the switches themselves are not bad quality but are not the correct feel and quality we expected, although work well and have been abused on Rusty's bike for the past 2 months with no failure yet! Therefore we are going to offer a FREE Slender Headlight Kill switch with every purchase over $30.

This is a great opportunity to receive a FREE headlight kill switch that will be shipped in as short as 1-2 business days! No promo code needed, add the slender to the cart, and any other items you are purchasing and the discount will be automatically applied during checkout!

Battery conservation and stealth are two very important needs of E-Bike riders, but factory headlights are not conducive to fulfilling those needs. With the Slender Switch by GritShift now you can have both. This custom-made plug-and-play kill switch is designed to conserve the battery on your SurRon, Talaria, or Segway by enabling you to control whether your headlights are on or off. Up your stealth factor on those nighttime rides by turning off your headlights without removing your hand from the handlebar. Since the Slender Switch was designed for both the Sur Ron, Segway and Talaria models, it requires no modification for installation.

Installation is super quick and painless and can be done in 10 minutes or less. The Sleeper is designed to mount directly to your handlebar with 2 screws. Remove the ignition switch and accessory charger screws and then located the factory headlight plug directly below it. Unplug the factory connection and plug in your new Sleeper Switch. That's it! You're good to go!


  • Plug And Play Headlight Kill Switch Custom Designed For Quick Install On Sur-Ron, Segway and Talaria Models./li>
  • Conserves Battery Life When Lights Are Not Needed
  • Increases Stealth For Night Riding
  • Waterproof Design For Riding In Rainy Weather
  • Lightweight plastic housing

Install Guides


Sur Ron LBX

Segway X260

Segway X160

Talaria Sting

Note: This Part is typically compatible with Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria Models. Please verify with your bike, as each bike has been offered with different parts in regards to forks, controllers, batteries, and options from various sellers.

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