GritShift 85 MX Fork Conversion Kit

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If your one of the few riders that have decided the Sur Ron and Talaria Platforms cant support Mountain Bike suspension, and have blown through multiple forks at thousands of dollars then this kit is for you!

Introducing the GritShift Big Sender Fork conversion Kits for Sur Ron and Talaria. 

This Kit features billet Aluminum Bearing cups, Designed for seamless install of your choice of 85cc MX suspension. The 85cc platforms are sprung very accurately for the weight of the Sur-Ron and Talaria including the weight of an upgraded bike, usually adding on 20 lbs. to your bike from bigger batteries, and additional accessories. . This also gives you the ability to dial in your sag settings, and have your forks properly built for your weight and riding style.

  • Billet Aluminum Bearing Cups
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Pre-pressed bearing races for simple install
  • Get proper suspension settings for your riding style and weight
  • Eliminate short service intervals of MTB components


Sur Ron

Segway X160

Segway X260

Talaria Sting

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