GritShift Heavy Hitter Skid Plate

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🚚 Ships within 5-6 Weeks

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GritShift is tired of replacing weak floppy skid plates every other week. A change needed to incur. The fatal flaw of the Sur Ron and talaria skid plate is the lack of support, most moto-style skid plates have a support structure (Frame rail) underneath the thin lightweight metals to support and protect the skid plate from excess deformation.

This is the biggest design flaw in the Sur Ron and Talaria Skid Plates, they are self-supported, and the only thing that would stop the thin weak metal form from deforming is crucial components such as the motor, throttle connection, or regulator. Not ideal in any form of riding.

The GritShift R+D Team has spent months testing skid plates for the Talaria and Sur Ron, they have survived the Redbull TKO with no issues, But still, slight tweaks were made to improve the quality for the dedicated hard-enduro rider. We needed to optimize to ensure angles were precise for log jumps, and rocky step-ups.

We are Happy to introduce the GritShift Heavy Hitter Skid plate. Your one-time solution to skid plates on your Favorite E-bikes. Features 7075 T6 Billet aluminum Side Supports, and replaceable billet aluminum bash plates. This has been stress analyzed to withstand over 4000 LBs of force to the bash plates.

  • 10mm thickness 7075 t6 billet aluminum bash plate support rails
  • Billet aluminum replaceable bash plates
  • Each section of the Bash Plate is easily removable for maintenance on the bike
  • Extended lower Bash plate for enhanced motor protection
  • Enhanced protection and airflow to the motor, and critical connectors


Segway X260

Segway X160

Sur Ron LBX

Talaria Sting

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