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Talaria Stings OEM design for the gearbox breather leaves an open hose mounted next to the rear shock. If you have ever ridden a Sur Ron or other E-motos, this is the least ideal place for an open line to the gearbox. Mud dirt and water spray from your year tire will likely be able to enter your gearbox and contaminate your fluid after the first ride.

The GritShift R&D team has designed a simple and efficient solution to prevent gearbox oil contamination, by adding a 3d printed breather box. This breather box features a capped system with a baffle design to prevent contaminants from getting into your gearbox.

  • Direct Mount design to original hose clamp mounting points.
  • Baffled Breather to prevent gearbox oil contaminants
  • 3d Printed Part of high-quality ABS.


Talaria Sting

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