EBMX E Ride Pro V2 X9000 Controller

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NOTE: For V2 E Ride Harness ONLY. If you are not sure if you have a V2 harness please call before purchase. If you are using your OEM SKIDPLATE it will NEED to be trimmed slightly as shown in photo gallery

The V2 X-9000 Power Kit is not just an upgrade; it's a transformation for your E Ride Pro, delivering unmatched power, control, and customization to enhance your riding experience. This controller kit for E Ride Pro is engineered to maximize your ride's power and efficiency. Whether you're aiming to perfect a wheelie, conquer rugged terrains, or enjoy a serene ride through trails, the X-9000 is your ultimate upgrade for a thrilling e-moto experience.

This is the perfect controller for riders using stock E Ride Pro motor or battery as well as the hardcore enthusiast who wants an 81V battery configuration with the largest motor possible. The X-9000 allows for significant improvements in power, offering a range from 6KW to a maximum of 40KW. Its true strength lies in its exceptional tunability; you can finely adjust the torque delivery and throttle curve to suit your riding style.

Leveraging VESC software, known for its ultra-smooth throttle response, the X-9000 integrates EBMX’s custom programming enhancements to deliver the best riding experience possible. Whether you're maintaining your bike's original setup or aiming for peak performance, the X-9000 offers a versatile and powerful upgrade for your E Ride Pro.

The team here at GritShift currently has this controller equipped on Rustys E Ride Pro SS Drag bike which is currently the fastest E-Moto in the world (Draggy Verified). And on Bullets Ultra Bee used for the FTR Harescramble races. We love this controller and know you will too!

-If you are using an OEM E Ride Pro SS motor you can safely run 14KW of power. 
-If you are using a stock E Ride Pro SS battery you can safely run 14KW of power (non bypassed). Anything higher will result in unsafe voltage sage.


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Free App (Apple & Android) For "Easy" Tuning & Controller Updates
  • 100% Plug N Play (Comes with all hardware and wire harness)
  • Voltage Range 48V - 84V (22s Max Connot Exceed 100 volts)
  • Max Battery Line Current 500A
  • Max Continuous Phase Current 1000A (1600A Burst Phase Amps)
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • DC/DC Converter with 4 (Programmable Through EBMX App) 12v outputs for running a coolant pump, headlights, and other 12v accessories
  • Adjustable Speed Limiters Per Ride Mode
  • Handlebar Display (EggRider "SW102") W/Custom Firmware To Display Motor/Controller Temps, Along with all standard display features.
  • Regen Thumb Throttle


Installation Video

Phone App Overview


Bike Fitment
-E Ride Pro S
-E Ride Pro SS

Motor Compatibility
-OEM E Ride Pro S
-OEM E Ride Pro SS
-KO F Spec
-Sotion FW01

Motors Not Compatible (Currently In Testing For App Development)
-ME1803 Water Cooled
-QS Braaap Moto E Hub Motor

Tech Specs

EBMX X-9000 Specifications

  • Rated Power 
    • 40KW Continuous
  • Input Voltage Range 
    • 40V - 100V
  • Working Voltage Range
    • 48V - 93V (22s)
  • Phase Amps
    • 1000 Amp Continuous
    • 1500 Amp Burst (1600 Amp In Race Mode)
  • Max Efficiency
    • >95%
  • Max Battery line Current
    • 500 Amps
  • Motor Control Protocal
    • Field Oriented Control
  • Controller Internals
    • 30 High Efficiency Mosfets
    • Robust Industry Leading CNC Machined Terminals & Connections
    • 12 DC/DC Converter With 4 Programable Outputs Via App
    • CANBUS module 
  • Firmware
    • VESC Based Motor Control & Firmware Modified by EBMX to best suit each model E-Moto Individually
  • Operating Temperature Range
    • -25 to 80 Degrees Celsius
  • Waterproof Rating
    • IP67

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