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Listen, a stock Sur Ron seat is about as comfortable as ridin’ a mule in a speedo. A fella’d be lucky to make it an hour on a stock saddle without gettin’ sore in places nobody wants to think about. There just ain’t no dang way you can ride a steed like that without good paddin’ under yer hindquarters.

EBikeZilla's got your back (and your butt) with their upgraded leather seat. This is arguably the best ergonomic upgrade you can get for your Sur Ron or Segway e-bike.

This baby's got loads of cushion and support. Plus, it adds an inch to your ride height, perfect for taller folks who need a little more room to stretch out. It goes on just like your old seat, so it's a breeze to install. Plus, it'll work with any OEM or aftermarket rear fender you’ve got.

With the fancy stitching, embroidery, and a big increase in comfort, you'll be riding longer and harder than ever before. No more tender tailbones and bruised... well, you get the idea.


  • EBikeZilla’s upgraded leather seat improves on the OEM seat
  • Improves your comfort and increases your stamina
  • Provides a 1” increase in ride height – great for taller riders
  • Mounts to OEM brackets, no modifications needed to install


Vehicle Fitment

  • Sur Ron LBX
  • Segway X160
  • Segway X260

This is the known and tested compatibility for this product. Factory variations, dealer options, and aftermarket modifications could affect compatibility in your specific case. Please verify compatibility to the best of your ability before purchasing.

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