60V Max Battery Talaria Sting

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The 60V Max is aimed toward maximizing power while also providing a ton of range - the best of both worlds. With more power available than you’ll ever need, (up to 28kw) this ensures the battery can handle anything you throw at it while achieving over double the range.

This battery is best suited for those using an aftermarket controller who wants to increase performance dramatically, or for those using a stock controller who wants to keep the option open to upgrading to aftermarket in the future.

This 60 Max is built in the USA using Grade A 21700 Molicel cells with a Smart BMS. It can deliver 420 Amps of continuous discharge and 630 Amps peak. Provides high performance throughout discharge and includes overcharge protection. Pure nickel is used in construction, allowing the battery to run at staggeringly high efficiency and eliminating the possibility of overheating. Cell groups are isolated for superior durability, and impact resistance and each individual cell is fused for safety.

This battery will be compatible with your original Talaria charger, and able to run on stock and aftermarket controller options. Over 2x the capacity and 5x-6x, the power output compared to your stock battery. Includes custom backlit percent display.

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