Calibrated Power HD Grid Heater Hold-Down Roxor

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The stock grid heater found in the 2.5L diesel-powered Mahindra Roxor has a critical problem. Boost leaks commonly develop on the bottom side of where the grid heater is mounted. This causes a loss of power, increased smoke output, higher Exhaust Gas Temperatures, sluggish throttle response, and other problems.

Calibrated Power's HD Grid Heater Hold-Down completely resolves this problem! Our custom grid heater mount is engineered to apply the highest possible clamping power and comes with upgraded O-rings and gaskets to ensure you never have a boost leak.

The billet, CNC'd base fits with the stock intake connection or an RX-Intercooler Kit. We strongly recommend this upgrade if you are considering a turbo upgrade such as our Stealth RX41. Most reasonably mechanically inclined customers can install this part within an hour.


  • Prevent future boost Leaks
  • Increase power from any undiagnosed boost leaks
  • Reduce Smoke output, and lower EGT Temperatures
  • HD Grid Heater Base (bolts-in below the grid heater)
  • T-Bolt Clamps
  • Gasket
  • Mounting Bolt


18-22 Mahindra Roxor

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