Auburn Rear 30 Spline LSD Diff Kit W/Gear Option Roxor

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Complete kit to upgrade your Roxor differential for larger tires and more traction! We are taking the guesswork out of setting up your aftermarket 30 spline axles with proper gearing and differential for your build. The factory Roxor transmission gearing is surprisingly high and does not allow the rpm to work in the peak power range for most situations. Especially with larger tires. With a quick gear change, you can correct this to obtain more useable power.

This item fits all Roxors equipped with 30 spline aftermarket axles, Original axle is 19 spline count.


  • A robust and unique cone clutch mechanism that outlasts and outperforms plate-type clutch designs.
  • High strength bevel gearing that provides greater resistance to shock loading as compared to helical gear limited-slip designs.
  • The mechanical advantage of a cone clutch versus a plate-type clutch provides quicker torque transfer under any driving condition.
  • Torque-sensing and biasing at any speed.
  • Made in USA


  • Complete Rear Differential Ring and Pinion Set
  • Master Bearing Install Kit
  • Rear 30 Spline LSD Differential


18-20 Mahindra Roxor

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