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Light the way. If you noticed our Rigid Industries 3" led cube lights, you’re probably wondering why the price gap between those lights and these is so wide. The truth is quality: from materials to optics, to the light itself. But not everyone needs to spend that kind of money on cube lights. These Universal Cube Lights for the Mahindra Roxor or UTV are perfect if you need a simple pair of lights for occasional or recreational use, or you need some bright perimeter or reversing lights for your off-roading rig, or if you’re new to LED lighting and aren’t sure you want to invest in a top-of-the-line set.
With 16 LEDs each and a combo flood/spot pattern, and an 80W light output, these lights will help keep you out of trouble on dark trails.

These LED cube lights use a surface-mount design and can be adjusted horizontally after mounting. Wiring is a breeze: run the ground wire to a known good ground, then either splice a power wire into your high or low beams or run an auxiliary switch to your dashboard. Hide them behind your grille or mount them on your roll cage, bumper, hood, or anywhere you can think of.


  • 16 LEDs per pod  
  • Combo flood / spot pattern
  • Aluminum Housing
  • 80 watt light output
  • 9600 Lumens


  • 2 3" LED Cube Lights
  • 2 mounting brackets
  • All hardware needed for installation


Universal Fitment

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