Growing up on the outskirts of the Gold Coast (Australia), I rode my bicycle past the motocross track to school and back every day. This was the start! It looked like so much fun! I had to have one of those dirt bikes! Unfortunately, Mum didn’t share my enthusiasm, I couldn’t even drive – how could I get a bike to the track? 

Fast forward a few years, and I found another outlet for an adrenaline-filled career path. I decided to become a pilot, because, along with simply being a heap of fun, it would also fund my love of motorsports – both in the sky and on the ground. 

It didn’t take me long to bring home my first love, a WR250R. It was a great learner’s bike, but slow and heavy, so a more potent 60th Anniversary WR450F quickly followed along with the plan to race Finke within the next few years. However, this bike also brought me something unexpected. The super handsome salesman who sold me my racehorse also became my husband. We explored the Aussie wilderness, towing our bikes, camping, and riding. We even rode through Cambodia on WR250Fs. We spend every spare weekend at the track – both dirt and road.

Then babies came along. Anyone who tells you life doesn’t change when you have kids is lying…My life changed in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. I have 2 beautiful kids, but I learned that not everything ‘goes to plan’. My eldest is unable to attend school due to his needs, which meant my career traversing the countryside as a pilot was put on indefinite hold. But when one door closes, another opens and my inquisitive nature in the years before having children meant I accumulated skillsets that are invaluable today. I created a digital marketing freelance business, specializing in content creation and copywriting.


We now spend days at the track as a family – my collection of bikes has grown to include a YZ250F, YZF-R7 and Yamaha’s newest E-mountain bike - the YDX Moro07. Coming full circle, my daughter is already asking for her first motorcycle! (She’s only 2)


When an opportunity to write for GritShift appeared, I knew I had to be part of this amazing team. I can combine my love of bikes with writing! I am stoked to be part of an awesome team bringing an exciting new generation of bikes to the world – and this Aussie can’t wait to rip it up on an E-moto and bring you the excitement from GritShift HQ.