GritShift Airtag Holder Tube Mount Universal

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One of the biggest present-day problems in the e-bike community are thieves. There have been away too many instances of bikes getting jacked within 15 minutes of it being parked or left outside.

Unlike motorcycles, E-bikes are small light, and nimble making them very easy to pick up and push. While there's currently no 100% way to stop them from being stolen, there is a simple and easy way to verify the location of your bike throughout the day with an Airtag. and the best way we have found to mount Airtags is with this simple 3d printed piece. It is small and inconspicuous as well as easily attached to a variety of points with a simple zip tie install.

Disclaimer: Airtags are not anti-theft devices! They are used to see the location of your belongings and will notify other iPhone users that there is a nearby Airtag.

  • Airtag is not included this is only for the mount
  • Mount Airtag inconspicuously to a variety of points on the bike
  • Quick and simple install
  • Gain confidence in your bike's location
  • Great to be paired with an Abus Alarm box


Universal Fitment

3D Print Files

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