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The Wheelie Guard by Short Fuse features an adjustable wheelie height setting so you can start by doing lower wheelies, or if you already have some experience you can change the height settings in minutes with a quick and easy adjustment. This will allow you to push your limits and learn how to reach the balance point to do coasters, no handers, circle wheelies, or J turns. You can also learn how to land jumps in a wheelie without the fear of looping your bike. This is highly recommended for anyone looking to start learning wheelies without dropping your bike and risking injury

For GROM and Z125. The WG 'mini' is the same as our other version except we have shortened the main support arm by 5" so it's perfectly suited for motorcycles with smaller (12" or less) diameter rear wheels, like the Honda 'Grom' and Kawasaki 'Z125'. The 'mini' comes with an M12 solid-axle T-NUT adapter required for installation. This Wheelie Guard was designed not only for beginners but for people with a higher experience level as well!

It Fits Most 150cc and smaller bikes. Frequently purchased for Honda Grom, Kawasaki Z125, SSR Razkull, Honda Monkey, Kawasaki KLX 140, Pit bikes.


  • Fully Adjustable For Riders With Varying Skill Levels
  • Rugged, Durable, Tough Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Easy To Install With Minimal Tools Needed And No Modifications Required
  • Multi-Terrain Versatility


  • All Installation Hardware
  • Quick Adjustment Tool
  • Installation Instructions

Install Guides

Wheelie Guard Install Instructions 1
Wheelie Guard Install Instructions 2
Wheelie Guard Install Instructions 3


Universal Fitment

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