GritShift Horn Electrical Cover Delete Plate

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It's crucial to keep the inside of your frame clean to avoid electrical failure. The large hole behind your horn that's pointed right at your tire will allow dirt, water, dust, rocks, and mud to enter your frame and negatively impact the electrical system.

The block off plates purpose is to prevent electrical problems and unnecessary corrosion/debris inside your Sur Ron or Segways frame.

The photos above are showing 1 day out at an MX track without a blocking plate. Now imagine this over the course of a year. In fact, how about when you wash your bike? You're literally spraying pressurized water into your electrical system. 

After you install the horn delete plate your worries about the bike malfunctioning on the trail from a wet or shorted out connection are eliminated.

  • Increased Bike Longevity
  • Less Likely To Have Electrical Failures
  • Keeps Electrical System Safe and Clean
  • Custom Made For Sur Ron & Segway E-Bikes
  • Easy Installation 5 Minutes Or Less
  • Slight Modification Required If Wanting To Keep Your Horn


Sur Ron LBX

Segway X260

Segway X160

3D Print Files

Free Download 3D Print Horn Blocking Plate CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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