We’ve seen many claims about having the world’s fastest e-moto, but let’s bring some clarity and fairness to the competition. When we talk about the fastest, we mean the highest top speed, accurately measured. It’s clear that many of these claims lack verified Dragy runs and a standardized distance, which isn’t fair or consistent.

To address this, we’re setting a 1/2 mile distance limit, which is ample for achieving top speeds on e-motos. Additionally, we require the use of the Dragy device, a GPS racing tool that accurately measures racing times. Dragy offers various options (0-60 mph, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, and more) and has a leaderboard system to log your race time based on your vehicle or e-moto. This device ensures 100% valid speeds by detecting whether you are on a level surface, going downhill, or uphill, and it will indicate if the run is verified.

This online contest is a chance for e-moto enthusiasts around the world to compete legitimately and have fun. Here’s the challenge:

Set the highest speed within 1/2 mile, Dragy verified and video recorded, by June 30th!

If you hold a current record or have previously recorded a top speed, it doesn’t count unless it was done within 1/2 mile on Dragy and video recorded. This is all about having fun and challenging each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a 450, a 250, or even if your baby stroller is faster—just be safe, use closed roads, and wear appropriate gear.

Let’s see who truly has the fastest e-moto!

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Beat it already and is on dragy leaderboard. My dragy name is Huroshima. 115mph

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